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Chapter 2 - The Official Reciever of Cambridge cannot be trusted

What is an Official Receiver?
An Official Receiver is a person appointed by the Court to investigate the reasons for the winding up of a Company.

The Official Receiver's duties include protecting the interests of a Company's creditors as well as those of the general public. In this respect one of the Official Receiver's roles is to investigate the activities of a Company's former Directors to ensure that they acted properly in the running of a company, and to bring action against those who haven't which may include barring them from future Directorships.

Anthony Hannon
Anthony Hannon, Official Receiver for the Cambrideshire region of the Insolvency Service was appointed as the Official Receiver for my family business. As a number of the Company Director's were also creditors, we expected him to support us in our fight against the solicitors that wound my family business up. How wrong we were...

In my extensive dealings with Hannon he has shown that he cannot stand being challenged and he believes that he is always right, even in light of evidence that shows he is clearly wrong. When Hannon has made mistakes, he won't admit to them and he has shown a complete disregard for the truth. In my and the former Directors' view, Hannon gets some perverse pleasure from overseeing the full closure of a Company and I believe he has a personal loathing for me.

Indeed, since his appointment Hannon has shown himself to be dishonest; has knowingly misled to the former Directors of the Company, his employers and the Government solicitors; has provided information to the Courts that he knew was incorrect and misleading, and most damning of all Hannon has misled the Peterborough police and the Peterborough Magistrates Court in an attempt to get my son a criminal record for threatening behaviour.

Hannon gets my son arrested!!
Last week in the Peterborough Magistrates Court, charges bought against my son for allegedly threatening Hannon under s 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 were dismissed.

These charges were bought by the Peterborough police after my son was arrested - and locked up in a police cell for six hours - on the basis of misleading and false statements made by Hannon and two of his work cronies.

Hannon falsely alleged that my son had threatened him. Although there were seven other witnesses to the alleged incident, the police only took statements from Hannon and hos two work cronies. My son did not threaten Hannon and he pleaded not guilty. I believe Hannon's false and unproven allegations were an attempt to get at me personally by attacking my family.

At the Court hearing, and only after reading the statements of Hannon and his cronies, hearing their conflicting and inconsistent evidence, and reading the statements and hearing the evidence of my son's witnesses, the District Judge dismissed the charges.

The actions of Hannon in making these false allegations was a clear and flagrant abuse of his position and it is is outrageous that this man still remains in his job.

Hannon has lied on other occasions
In the course of his duties Hannon has been shown to have lied on a number of occasions.

An example of Hannon lying: At a meeting attended by myself, his boss and colleagues (a meeting that was recorded), Hannon denied any knowledge of a loan repaid by the Company, the implication being that the Directors has spent the money. Following the meeting, when again challenged with the truth, Hannon confirmed in writing that he had checked his files and stood by his statement. However, Hannon had submitted correspondence clearly detailing the loan and its repayment to the Court a few weeks earlier. Hannon's bosses have done nothing about the fact that their employee lied to them.

Hannon's attempts to discredit a former Director
Hannon knowingly supplied information that led directly to the assets of a former Director being frozen using laws designed to freeze the assets of drug barons and terrorists.

Following a request for information, amongst other misleading information, Hannon stated that £450,000 of my Company's funds remained unaccounted for, even though he had documents detailing where much of this money was spent. This information was then used at a closed hearing in the High Court in support of a freezing order, that froze all the assets, including the bank account, of a former Director. The freezing order was discharged 10 days later when the former Director was able to defend himslef in the High Court. When Hannon was asked if he had supplied any information in support of the order, the Government's solicitors (on behalf of Hannon) stated that Hannon had not been consulted. Subsequent to this I was provided with a copy of a two page e mail generated by hannon to support the freezing order.

Yet again Hannon lied, not opnly to us, but also to the Government Solicitors. This man has absolutely no integrity.

Hannon's bosses do nothing to protect people from Hannon
Even in light of a mass of evidence that Hannon has misled all parties involved, Hannon, an appointee of the Court, is still acting.

It is a scandal that someone who is immune from prosecution can get away with misleading the Courts, lying to the police and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

This is just another example of how a system designed to protect the public, does nothing but protect those we all believe should be upholders of the law.
Hannon must be removed from office before he can inflict damage on any other innocent parties!

If you have had any dealings with Hannon, contact me for more infomation on the actions of this man.

Solicitor Slayer


P.M said...

Dear Sir,

I am taking Hannon to Court for misconduct in public office. I would be very interested in hearing from you.

Litigio LLP said...
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Litigio LLP said...

If you or anyone else you know has been affected by Mr Hannon or anyone else within the Insolvency Service, please email: we are undertaking a number of criminal prosecutions in the public interest.

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Anonymous said...

The Insolvency Service is rotten to the core with corruption. Insolvency in the UK is used as the vehicle from which to defraud creditors and to take away one's democratic right to bring a claim.

Anthony Hannon, the dishonest criminal is still being harboured by the corrupt establishment who have been meddling with our justice system to protect him from prosecution. This filth must be stopped and whatever cost, he destroys people's lives and their businesses with his outright dishonesty.

If you or anyone you know as been affected by Hannon and his cronies please email us;

Anonymous said... --- Fighting the UK's cesspool of corruption and the establishment of abusive cowardly traitors

Anonymous said...

All of the insolvency service are dishonest the service needs to be closed down

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